Roshmi Banik

Roshmi Banik
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Roshmi Banik another name has risen up from the house of Bigg Boss. Roshmi is a cool and bubbly girl. Whose calmness makes others angry. Now Roshmi is going to enter the house along with her biggest rival, enemy- Mital Joshi. Here in this article, we are going to explore some personal details of Roshmi and her biography. Check complete details about roshmi.

Roshmi Banik Biography

Here are the things that Roshmi told about herself.

  • Roshmi is from Kolkata, she was born and brought up in the city.
  • She is 26 years old.
  • Carrying a very beautiful smile on her pretty face makes her special.
  • She has brown eyes.
  • Her height is 5″5″.
  • she has short hair and light brown in color.
  • Presently boyfriend details are not known.
  • In her bio, she described that yet she belongs to a good family but she has seen many ups and downs in her life. 

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Roshmi Banik Career & Education

  • She has done her graduation in BBA from Sh. Shikshayatan college.
  • Roshmi runs his own business.
  • She has an event Management business.
  • We can say she is an entrepreneur.
  • She is a founder of EL Cuero Fashions.
  • The main work is to manufacture and export the leather.
  • She is a self-made girl as she started her company on her own.

Roshmi & Mital Frenemies

According to both the girls they used to be best friend forever earlier. Earlier they were so good friends 8-9 years back. They used to do shopping, sleepover together. And now something has happened due to which these best friends are now frenemies.

Roshmi Banik

According to Mital Joshi, Roshmi had a relationship with his boyfriend. And according to Roshmi, she told Mital about Mital’s boyfriend flirting with her. And this made them enemies from friends. Who knows what is the reality. But what we know is that the duo is coming to Bigg Boss house together.

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Roshmi Instagram

She has lots of Instagram account made by her fans and loved ones. But She uses Instagram as @roshmibanik_

It is a private account. You have to send request first in order to follow her. But if you love Roshmi, then follow her on all her fand made accounts.

Roshmi Bigg Boss 12

Roshmi Banik

The last season we saw a frenemy – Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. Who used to work together and became enemies. similarly in Bigg Boss 12 a frenemy Jodi is coming to bigg Boss 12 of Roshmi and Mital. People are coming to bigg boss as friends and they are coming as enemies. In the very stating, they are in Outhouse along with another Jodi Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma

So this was all about Roshmi Banik biography.

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