Romil Chaudhary Biography

Romil Chaudhary Biography
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Romil Chaudhary Lawyer Wiki

The very first commoner Jodi that has ever introduced to Bigg Boss 12 is of Romil Chaudhary and Nirmal Singh. And here we are going to know more about the Romil’s life. here in this article, you will read about Romil Chaudhary Biography. So here we go.

Romil Chaudhary Biography

Romil is from Haryana and by profession, he is a lawyer.

  • He described himself as 80% devil and 20% Angel.
  • He is very down to earth. Also,
  • Also, he works as an Advocate in High Court.
  • He also describes himself as a Lucifer- ” the demon comes to earth from hell”.
  • He is married and his wife also does the job in Zila Parishad.
  • Romil has a son too who is of 6 months.

Romil chaudharyRomil Chaudhary Biography
ProfessionAdvocate (Lawyer)
Lawyer inHigh court
Blood GroupO-
RelationshipNot Known
GirlfriendNot Known
PiercingLeft eyebrow
FriendNirmal singh
By HeartSports Person
Describe himself asDangerous & Wild
Recent ProjectBigg Boss 12

His friend Nirmal Singh describes himself as a dangerous and smart person. That he describes a case to a judge in such a way that crime happened to him only. 

Romil Chaudhary Biography

Romil Chaudhary Instagram

He is on Instagram and having a private account with name @romilchaudhary02
Romil Chaudhary Biography

and also have a second Instagram account as @romil.chaudhary


RomilRomil Chaudhary Biography

Romil Chaudhary & Nirmal Singh in Bigg Boss 12 Promo :

Romil Chaudhary Bigg Boss 12 

He had a keen interest to be a part of Bigg Boss since always. And when the Jodi theme was revealed, he applied for the show along with his friend- Nirmal Singh. And here we go, he is going to enter the show along with his friend. So now in Bigg Boss 12, he is going to participate in the show. watch them on the show. What will happen when a Jodi of Police and Lawyer comes to Bigg Boss 12. You may vote for Romil soon. As soon as voting lines will get open for Bigg Boss 12.


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