Rising Star 2 Winner And Runner up Name ~Hemant Brijwasi

Rising Star 2 Winner And Runner up Name ~Hemant Brijwasi
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Bannet Dosanjh was winner of the Rising star season 1. And Maithili thakur was runner-up. Now season 2 has started. And few of contestants remain. Three participants will reach to the finale. And like first season, this time the audience you will choose the Rising Star 2 Winner. Rising star season 2 winner will select by the public voting. Check Rising star 2 winner name and details, Rising star 2 Runner-up Name and Rising Star Season 2 Winner Prize Money.

Rising star 2 Winner

Rising Star 2 Winner Name- Hemant Brijwasi

Rising star is only one show, where live voting will occur. And the decision will declare live in front of all. Live vote polls show that how many votes a contestant have gained. Also, public decision depends upon their performance. Contestant judge by the audience on the basis of their live performance. So, its important to the Rising star finalists to perform well. Because at the finale, on the basis of their performance public will vote to them. The one who will succeed to win the Audiences heart by their singing will win the Rising star. And he will be the Rising star season 2 winner.

Rising Star 2 Winner

This time competition is very tough. It is hard to decide that who is much better. So, with the judges, also its going to difficult for Audiences to decide the season 2 winner. Few time has remained for the finale. The day of decision is near. Audience, now its totally depend on you to win the best candidate. 

Voting result will show live. Finale result will declare after 2nd finalist performance. Thereafter, Rising star 2 winner name will declare. Later we will update the winner name here.

Rising Star Season 3 Audition

Rising Star Winner 2018

On 14th April 2018, we saw a battle between Chetan, Vishnu Maya and zaid. In which Chetan Brijwasi get eliminated. And another battle between Rohanpreet and Akhtar Brothers in which Akhtar Brother lost the race. And now there will be a race of finale in between Top 4 Finalists named

  • Vishnumaya – Can Thangaballi choti chitra will win Rising Star  2018
  • Hemant Bijwasi –  Do you think Suro Ke Big B will be Rising winner 2018
  • Zaid Ali – Can Chote Rahat will win the show
  • Rohanpreet- Can Pyar ka international Khiladi be Rising star Winner 2018

Rising Star 2 Winner

There will be one Rising Star Winner 2018. We can’t imagine who may win the show in 2018. Because all the 4 contestants get voting same every time. So it is very difficult to guess. To have a glimpse of Rising Star Winner 2018 stay along with us here. Also check the voting details of 4 finalists here.

Hemant BrijwasiTBDTBDTBD

Rising Star Season 2 Winner Prize Money

Rising star provide the huge opportunity for the winner. With the Winning trophy and Cash prizes, the winner will get playback singing chance. The one who will win the Rising star season 2, that will get the chance to sing in movie or in album with other Bollywood playback singer. Rising Star Season 2 Winner Prize Money is Rising Star winner Trophy and cash prize of 20 Lakhs Rupees. In addition, Rising star season 2 winner will get the contract with Vishesh films. 

One Bollywood celebrity will come in the Rising star finale as a special guest. He will give the trophy, prize money to the “Rising Star 2 Winner” & Rising Star 2 Runner-up“. This time there will be prize for Runner-up also. 

Rising Star Winner 2018 New Update

The Competition is hard this time in Rising Star Season 2. But as far as audience voting results are concerned, Hemant Brijwasi may win the show. Because if overall performances of all contestants are analysed, he seems to be on the top. Also, Judges opinions and comments are positive for Hemant Brijwasi. So, friends our prediction meter say that Hemant Brijwasi is the winner of the show. Share this article to your friends on facebook to check what they say about Rising star winner 2018. 

Also Rising Star 2 Runner up name will be updated here later. So, to check the Rising Star 2 Winner 2018 Name and Rising Star 2 Runner-up name and details stay tuned to this article.