Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th August 2018 Written Updates

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th August 2018 Written Updates
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The episode starts with Kulfi crying on Sikandar’s Lap and talking about her Potli. Which can find the truth of Kulfi’s real father. She is devastated inside her. But Sikandar tells her that not to worry as she has done the biggest thing today. and gave him Guru Dakshina. After that Sikandar ask her to sleep and he left from there.

On the other hand, Loveleen threatens Sikandar’s brother about Amayra. And tell him to stay away and let happen what is happening. And then she heard Sikandar talking on the phone about DNA test. Loveleen decided to stop Sikandar from doing the test. But don’t know how. 

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th August 2018 Written Updates

In another scene, Tevar was seen in anger and broking things for Kulfi. But the master tries to console her. But he says he can do anything to have Kulfi with him.

Kulfi gots hiccups and for having water she leaves the room. and suddenly she came to her Dadi’s room. She says Dadi Don’t worry Sikandar Ji will help me. He will not let me go wrong ways. And she prays to God to solve the mystery

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th August 2018 Written Updates

In the next scene, Mohinder and Tevar fight for Kulfi. Tevar Threats him by swearing Lord Mahadev to have Kulfi back in the house. 

Then Dadi sees Tevar dancing and preparing for Kulfi’s Welcome. On the way to home from mandir, She sees Amayra Sleeping on a bench in a park. She woke her up and asks why she is sleeping there. On answer
Amayra says- My family left me in the makeup room and left me there alone. Amayra keeps shouting but at the concert venue, she found no one there. She thought her mom and dadda left her there because they love Kulfi more. 

Then at home, everyone is waiting for someone for the DNA test, and suddenly Daadi appears there with Amayra. When Sikandar tries to touch Amayra she doesn’t let him. And the Lovleen and Cutie enter. 

Amayra- Stop it Dadda. You all forget me. 

Daadi- our child Slept outside house whole night. And we all didn’t know that.

Sikander, Lovleen regrets and shocked.

Amayra- I don’t want to listen any lies. You wanted to perform with kulfi so you locked me up. 

Then she shouts on Kulfi to not to interfere. I am talking to my family.

Earlier I think only you love Kulfi more than me. I was wrong. everybody in this home loves Kulfi more than me. When Kulfi was lost Daadi you stopped eating. Taauji traveled on roads. And Dadda you risked your life for her. And for me, nobody cared.

In between Lovleen interferes. But Amayra scolded her too. And Amayra decided to leave the house and to go with the cutie. Amayra says kulfi keep my family I don’t want it anymore and she left with the cutie.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th August 2018 Precap

A boy came with Kulfi Potli. she gives it to Sikander. Sikandar checks the Locket inside Potli. what did he found? Watch in next episode.

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