Hadh 2 Web Series

Hadh 2 Web Series
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 Vikram Bhatt is going to make the 2nd version of Indian Web series Hadh. Soon, Hadh season 2 will come on the television. Indian Producer, Director, Screenwriter Vikram Bhatt is famous for his web series. After, Twisted, Hadh season 1, Untouchables web series, Hadh season 2 is making by the Vikram Bhatt. And SONYLIV has teams up with Vikram Bhatt to launch this 2nd season of Hadh web series. Hadh 2 Web series will available soon online. Check Hadh season 2 Release date, Hadh Season 2 Cast, and 1st episode updates here. 
Hadh 2 Web Series

Hadh 2 Web Series

 Hadh season 1 is the action, & revenge web series, where 3 brothers are fighting with each other to get the Business empire of their father. Web series Hadh season 1 has revolved to this story. Also these three is change to worst to get the Business Empire. But there is an other player in the story. From which these 3 are unaware. Season 1 finished on the twist. Now in season 2, this twist will reveal. And also it will show that who will become the new Boss of Business empire.
So to see this turn and twist audience is waiting. As compared to season 1 Hadh 2 Web Series will more entertaining and Mysterious. Where so many secrets will emerge. So, Audience Check Hadh 2 Web Series all uddates, Hadh Season 2 Release Date here.

 Hadh Season 2 Release Date

 Making of Hadh 2 has started. Soon, shooting will complete. Thereafter first episode will telecast. Audiences, you can see Hadh 2 online. It will available on various online websites like you tube, Jiocinema, SonyLIV app after its release. Hadh Season 2 Release date will declare by Vikram Bhatt in its launch party. Where Hadh 2 Web Series all team, Hadh Season 2 Cast will present also. Hadh Season 2 will release in May 2018. Yet Hadh season 2 Release Date is not confirmed by the Vikram Bhatt.
But after confirmation of Release date, we will update it here. 

Hadh Season 2 Cast

In the season 1 there are so many characters in the positive & Negative role. Also in season 2 some of the characters will present. Because till now Hadh end does not occur. So the Hadha Season 2 cast will remains same as season 1.
Hadh Web series Season 2 Cast
  • Vidur Anand
  • Trishan Singh Mainin
  • Pranav Sachdev
  • Tithi Raj
  • Simran Kaur
  • Ishika Taneja
  • Shreeradhe Khanduja
  • Meisha Sakshi Iyer

So, the Audience Hadh 2 Web Series will come online soon. Thereafter you will watch the story suspense & end. In addition to these details, later Hadh 2 1st episode updates will available here.
Hadh 2 1st episode will start with the new angle. A new character will add in season 2. And it will reveal in season 2 1st episode. And who is that new character, to get this you will have to watch the 1st episode. Soon Hadh 2 1st episode updates will be provided to you here.

Hadh Season 2 Episode 1

Hadh Web Series Season 1 ended at a very crucial point where all the 3 candidates meet together and one of them – “the deserving one” died. Now we have to see who died in the gun shoot. Also, there is another secret entry of a character in the show also. You have to watch the series season 2 Episode 1. In spring 2018 the Web Series is going to release. All you need to do is to check this article for latest updates of the Hadh Season 2 Episode 1.

Guys this is very charming news for all those are fond of Hadh Web Series. Because Hadh Season 2 Promo had been released. As you know promo does not really show you everything. But from promo you may get more excited to watch Hadh 2 this time. Somehow it will be little bit connected with the hadh series 1. But it is quite obvious that new masala and fun will add up this time. 

So Audience, stay tuned here to get “Hadh 2 Web Series” all upcoming updates.