Dance Plus 4 Voting

Dance Plus 4 Voting
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Dance Plus 4 Voting

Dance Plus is a show which originally started in 2015. This show was first streamed on Star Plus and has completed 3 seasons successfully. Now is the time for the 4th season to come. So here are the full details regarding the entire show and Dance Plus 4 Voting.

As it went in the last 3 seasons, this season will also follow the same pattern. That is, this season will also conduct the auditions throughout the country. The selected candidates by auditions will be selected for the television round. All the selected candidates will get a chance to be on the show. The selected candidates will then have to compete every week with all the contestants to avoid eliminations. Yes, you read it right, those who would not be able to maintain a healthy and competitive edge on the show will have to face the elimination round.

So in order to be safe from the elimination round one will have to get maximum votes. Yes, the votes from the audience or viewers will help the participants to be safe. Not just safe but such votes will also help them to win the title of Dance Plus Winner.

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Dance Plus 4 How To Vote

You may vote in Dance Plus 4 in either of the following ways Online and offline. If we talk about previous seasons there were offline voting. In the form of Missed call. A number will be assigned to a contestant and then you may give a missed call to save your favourite artist. So have a look how you may vote using missed call codes.

Dance Plus 4 Voting

Dance Plus 4 Voting Numbers

So in order to secure the position of your favourite contestant you just need to vote for her or him. So here are the full details regarding how you can actually vote.

To vote offline you just need to do as directed in the following steps, and you will be done. So here are the steps that you may follow to vote for your favourite contestants:

  • You firstly will have to give a missed call on 180053211.
  • Along with the number 180053211 also dial the contestant’s code.
  • Then give a missed call on this number.
  • And this will confirm your vote.

Dance Plus 4 Online Voting 2018

To vote online in Dance Plus 4 you may follow the following directions:

  • Go to any search engine or Google.
  • Log in using your email id or
  • Search for Dance Plus online voting.
  • There you will find a list of all the contestants.
  • Therein you may click and vote for any contestant you like or want to see winning.

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