Dance Deewane Winner 2018

Dance Deewane Winner 2018
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Well, here we will aware you about Dance Deewane Winner 2018 that will reveal out soon. This is the brand new dancing show to be telecast on Colors Tv. The announcement of the show was done in rising star 2. So, for this new show, it will be exciting to know about its winner. The Dance Deewane season 1 winner is to be a capable and charming dancer. But before the finale, we can not tell you exactly the name of the winner. Winner will be one amongst all the Dance Deewane contestants.

Winner !! Tik Tik 1 , Tik Tik 2, Tik Tik 3.. & winner is – Alok Shaw

Dance Deewane Winner 2018

You must be familiar with the term winner and exactly how it feels to be, is difficult to say. The dance deewane contestants eagerly want to win the show. Because one may take pride in winning the show and gets prize money and rewards also. As this is the first season of dance deewane 2018, so it would be exciting to know winner name 2018. There will be participants from different parts of India those will try their best to win. Sooner, you may also check here predictions for the winner of Dance Deewane Season 1 2018.


दोस्तों !! यहाँ इस article में आप  Dance Deewane Season 1 के विजेता के बारे में जानना चाहेंगे। हम भी यही चाहते हैं के जैसे ही शो का फाइनल एपिसोड दिखाया जाये, हम सबसे पहले आपको विजेता के नाम से जागरूक करवाएं। इसके साथ ही हम आपसे विनती करेंगे के जब तक Winner घोषित न हो तब तक आप धीरज बनाये रखें और शो के बारे में बाकि की जानकारी यहाँ से प्राप्त करें। धन्यवाद्।


dance deewane winner

Dance Deewane Finale Winner Name

Although, till now no winner can be predicted as the show is yet to start. So we can’t predict who may win the show. But it is sure that the show is going to rock the television. As it has competition among 3 generations. Among these 3 generations, one will be the winner. And as soon as the finale take place we will update here the finale winner name.

Winner NameAlok Shaw from Kolkata

Dance Deewane Winner 2018

Prize Money & Winner Trophy 

You must be wondering about the dance deewane prize money for the winner. On 15th September, the winner will be declared. The dance deewane show winner will be given trophy along with a certain amount of money. The sponsors of the show will present some prize in terms of money to the winner. You may find here soon that who will win the show. The main contender for winning the show is- Alok from the first generation.

“Alok Shaw is the winner of Dance Deewane Season 1. “

Prize Money= 15 Lakh

Dance Deewane Result 2018

The Result of Dance Deewane will purely be calculated on the basis of Voting. The Public choice will be the last choice and the once chosen by the public will be declared as the winner. Check here how to vote in Dance Deewane to have a finale winner. The Result can be made by voting itself. so read carefully how you may vote for your favourite contestant in Dance Deewane season 1 on Colors Tv.

So this wall about Dance Deewane Winner 2018.

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