Bigg Boss Telugu Vote~ (Check Voting Polls)

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote~ (Check Voting Polls)
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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is the system through which you may save your favorite houseguest in Bigg Boss Telugu from elimination. So check here all about online voting, voting polls and results.

Bigg Boss Telugu is another version of Bigg Boss of the Bigg Boss that comes on national television in Hindi. This show starts just last year on 16th July on Star  And it is just the same as the original big Boss show is. That is some definite number of contestants will be taken to Bigg Boss House and they will have to be there with absolutely no connection with the outside world. Big Boss in Telugu has completed its 1st season last year. So this year also it is about to start with its 2nd season. So here we are to give you all details regarding this 2nd season and Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online

Latest Update for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online: మీరు ఎలా ఉన్నారు Friends !! New nominations are done for this Week. Total 4 Contestants are nominated for eliminations this time. Till then do maximum votes to save them. 

This week nominations are done. The four nominated contestants are- Amit Tiwari, Syamala, Deepti and Kaushal.


“You may Also Check Unofficial Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Polls Given here.”

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Disclaimer: The polls given here are no official and are for entertainment purpose only.

The season is yet to start and there are many facts and details that are yet to be revealed. But we are here to update you with all the information that is available. Also for new and further updates, you may keep a check about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote here.

“With the Bigg Boss Telugu other versions of Bigg Boss are being telecast on Tv Channels. So here you may check for their voting details also.”

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Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting

Here we are with the entire details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. You have the option of voting for your favorite contestant either online or offline. So here is the complete step by step guide to voting.

For voting online for your favourite contestant you should;

  • First of all, you need to search on any search engine for the keywords like, Bigg Boss Telugu Vote or ‘Bigg Boss Telugu vote 2018’.
    Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  • Thereafter click on the related search link and the page with nominated contestant list will open.
  • You can cast only 50 votes maximum from one email address.
    Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  • So after casting your 50 votes, you may simply click on the button Submit.Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Online voting can only be done 5 days per week. That is, voting lines are open just from Monday (10:00 PM) to Friday (11:59 PM). So keep track of days and vote either before or after Saturday and Sunday.

The show is going to star up from 10th June 2018. The premiere is on that day. Already the timing and schedule have been out.

From Monday to Friday you will see Bigg Boss Telugu on star Maa from 9:00 PM and on weekends you will see it from9:30 PM with Nani as Host.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Polls 2018

Voting Polls are the alternative way to know about the elimination. But these are not responsible for voting. You can only vote and check which contestant may get eliminated from the season. So here we are also providing some details related to Bigg Boss season 2 contestants voting. You can participate in these online voting polls and can get a judgement that which contestant is going to eliminate this week.

You may check about auditions here: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Audition details

Check the details that have been launched about Bigg Boss Telugu season 2.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

 Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Contestants

Telugu Bigg Boss is going on air from 10th June 2018 at 9:00 PM. So from the time, the contestants will start entering the house. Nani superstar will make them enter the house. Following are the list of contestants who are going to enter the Bigg boss Telugu 2 house.

  1. Geetha Madhuri – Shee is an Indian Playback singer. Who sings song mostly for south zone. She is going to be a part of Bigg boss Telugu season 2. Geetha has also won many prizes for playback singing. Now she will explore herself for 100 days in Bigg Boss Telugu house. Vote for Geetha Madhuri in the show.Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  2. Actor Tanish – The young hero of south India Tanish is also going to be the part of BB Telugu. He has done album named Direct Ishq. So vote for Actor Tanish in Bigg Boss Telugu.Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  3. Deepthi – She is a TV anchor. Deepthi has also confirmed to be a part of the show. Deepthi is an anchor on TV9. So vote for her in Bigg Boss Telugu.
    Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  4. Amit Tiwari – Amit is an actor who is famous for his negative roles. Now he is going to be a part of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2. Will he act negative or positive? This will be seen in the show. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote for Amit Tiwari will be here soon.
    Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  5. Babu Gogineni
  6. Bhanushree
  7. Roll Rida
  8. Syamala
  9. Kireeti
  10. Deepthi Sunaina
  11. Kaushal Manda
  12. Tejaswi Madivada
  13. Samrat Reddy

    Here Comes the common men of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 now

  14. Ganesh
  15. Sanjana Anne
  16. Nutan

Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Voting Number 2018

And to vote offline you may give a miscall. Here are the full details regarding voting for your favourite contestant via miscall. Only viewers from India can cast their votes for their favorite contestant using the option of miscall. So here is the specimen entire list of contact numbers you will need to vote for your contestant from the previous season:

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant NamesMissed Call Voting NumbersElimination Status
Nutan Naidu8433900175
Tejaswi Madivada8433900170
Kireethi Damaraju8433900168Eliminated (3rd Week)
Kaushal Manda8433900172
Samrat Reddy8433900171
Roll Rida8433900165
Deepthi Sunaina8433900169
Babu Gogineni8433900164
Geetha Madhuri8433900160
Amit Tiwari8433900161
Deepti Nallamothu8433900163

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 2018

On 5th May 2018, official news has been announced for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. The show will be same as last year. The slight difference will be its contestants. Last time only celebrities participated in Bigg Boss Telugu. This season, there is audition process for common man also. So vote for your favorite participant. Soon the show will go on air. And then you may do the honors of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Vote 2018. 

So these were the required details about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. For more details, you have to stay connected. as soon as announced by the officials we will update it here too.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Elimination/ Eliminated Contestant

Every week on the Basis of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 voting online, there will be elimination. This elimination will be done by the public voting result. Every Monday there will be the nomination. This nomination will be done by housemates itself. And on every Sunday there will be elimination. Nani the host of the season will do the elimination and will announce the eliminated contestant name. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Finale Voting

Many of the Bigg Boss Fans were just waiting for the show finale and the wait is now over. The finale episode is near and this is the final chance to all for Bigg Boss Telugu Finale Vote online. Your votes are precious and more precious if it is the finale of Bigg Boss Telugu. The Season 2 is going to be wrapped up. Soon Bigg boss Telugu finale votes will decide the fate of any one contestant. The one who will get maximum votes before finale episode week- will become the ultimate winner. So do not just forget to do finale voting for the ultimate contestant.

9th July Update: Syamala is eliminated from the show. 

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17 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote~ (Check Voting Polls)

  1. Nani clearly supporting both Ts i.e. Tanish + Tejaswani both r having worst behaviours…Teja swami should be eliminated immediately…Big boss 2 is not like 1 which is so good…

  2. Dear bigg boss2 show boring and irritating because of tho chudalante chiraku vasthundhi
    Bigg boss1 really super but bigg boss 2 very boring.i like nani hosting

  3. Watching Big boss 2 is so boring because of tejaswini and tanish behaviour and their attitude family chudadaniki Kuda darindranga undi show teju over action thappa Inka EMI ledu so plz eliminate Tejaswini.
    Tanish plz big boss

  4. Dear Mr Nani Ji,

    I would like to share about few people in Big Boss -2 house 1st one is Thejesri is very very over acting girl , in our team no one is liking that girl and she don’t no how to speak with others, She is not at all suitable Big Boss house I am very sorry to say this and this complete our team discussed, over all she very Worst girl she is big lier, argumentation and Blaming to everyone in Big Boss-2 house,

    2nd one is Mr Thanish is not a good listener and he never understands. He is very angry bird guy.

    3rd one is Mr Babu he is not useful guy we all are felt same ,

  5. Y Nani and Big Boss is supporting Tejaswini… Y this game is going as worst than Big Boss 1..But Nani Garu me anchoring bagundhi.Big Boss show kondhari valla dhigajaaripothundhi..nijayethiga judge cheyandi

  6. Nani anna plzz teju ni EMNT cheyu anna plz weast game adutondi teju .teju weast ,bhanu also doing over , teju ,bhanu,and samrat weast of big boss 2

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