Bigg Boss Telugu Google Voting

Guys, Bigg Boss Telugu show was the most awaited show for the Telugu language audience. And as the show started on 10th June, here we would like to explain things about Bigg Boss Telugu Google Voting. So just keep your eye on the contestants and vote them to help win the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Google Voting Online

Google is the best way for everyone to look for the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting online. So what you need to do is very simple in order to put your vote.

Just Type: “Bigg Boss Telugu Google Voting” on google and check the names of the nominated contestants for the week.

Bigg Boss Telugu Google Voting

There you need to log in to your Gmail account and select the contestant to whom you want to vote and Submit.

After the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Audition contestants are selected and now the show is ready to blast with entertainment. 

Season 2 Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants Voting

Nani has introduced the contestants to the audience on 10th June. So here are the names for which you may submit the vote whenever they get nominated:

Voting for Nutan

Vote for Ganesh

Vote for Tajaswi Reddy

Vote for Sanjana Anne

Vote for Deepthi

Vote for Geeta Madhuri

Voting for Tanish

Vote for Amit Tiwari

Vote for Roll Rida

Vote for Kireeti

Vote for Babu Gogineni

Vote for Syamala

Vote for Kushal Manda

Vote for Bhanushree

Bigg Boss Telugu Live Voting Polls

Friends, for the entertainment purpose we here will here publish voting polls for the nominated contestants every week. The contestants who will be nominated by all in the show will need your votes to stay long in the show. On the basis of the popularity of the contestant, they can win the show. From the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Polls, it will be clear that which contestant is gaining more popularity in the game.

Polls will clear out – which contestant has got maximum and which has got minimum votes. Elimination from the show will be done strongly on the basis of voting results. 

How to Save your favourite contestant from Elimination?

You must be wondering that what can be another way than Bigg Boss Telugu Google Voting. Yes, you are absolutely true. If you really want your favourite Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 contestant to stay in the house, you need to vote. You will have maximum 50 votes and the maximum number of votes will save the contestant. 

So do not just wait your time anywhere else. Go to Google website and cast your vote for the nominated favourite contestant. 

Total Votes: 50

Voting Medium: Google Voting

Voting Available for:  Nominated Contestants

Voting Period: Till Weekend

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Count

Vote count may be defined as the number of votes a person gets. Here in the show, while the voting process will be on, you may check the vote count also. As you know votes will be submitted for every contestant out of 50 so vote count tells that how many votes are submitted till the checking time. However official vote count details are only revealed at the weekend. But the unofficial polls here will definitely tell you about the number of votes of each contestant. 

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