Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
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Check all details regarding Bigg Boss Tamil, Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Voting details, Bigg Boss Tamil Vote in Season 2, How to Vote, Online Voting Polls in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2

In 2018, Finally, now its time for Bigg Boss Tamil. Although we have witnessed season 1 of Bigg Boss in June 2017 lead by Kamal Hassan and winner Arav. The breaking news is that Star Vijay is all set for season 2 of Bigg Boss Tamil. You may have insights of BB Tamil on Star Vijay channel. From the month of June Bigg, Boss Tamil will be on air. Season 2 will be almost same as the season. You may cast Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Vote via google online. 

Slightly difference between the seasons will be its host and Bigg Boss Tamil 2 contestants. Rules and format of the show will be same. Following are some details about Bigg Boss season 2. The Bigg Boss Tamil Teaser has been launched. In which Kamal Hassan has been seen as a person with the large mustache.

Latest Update: Now you can just cast 10 votes per day for the nominated contestants. The voting lines for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote are open till midnight Friday every week. Till then vote and save your best contestant from eviction. 

Disclaimer about Bigg Boss Tamil Voting: These voting polls are not official and for the entertainment purpose only.

ShowBigg Boss
Season 1 WinnerArav
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Starting DateJune 2018
Bigg Boss Tamil 2 ContestantsCheck here Contestants List
Telecasting channelStar Vijay

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote 

Unlike other versions of Bigg Boss there was not Bigg Boss Tamil Auditions. In season 1 there were only celebrity contestants. Same will happen in Season 2. There will be only celebrity contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil 2. These contestants will stay in the house and one by one they will start evicting from the house. It will be done on the basis of Votes collected by the public. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote is the way to let your favorite houseguest or contestant stay on the show and win the show. To vote for these celebrity contestants there will be only one way i.e. Online Voting. There is no other way of voting for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. Keep the ball rolling and get to know further details ahead.


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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote


Bigg Boss Voting Tamil Online ~ Season 2 Google Vote

Season 2 Bigg Boss is not much different from Season 1. Voting will be the same as in Season 1. In order to complete Bigg Boss Voting of Tamil version, you have to vote online. This is one and only way to cast your vote in BB Tamil. Following are the requisites for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

  • Go to Google.Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  • Search For Bigg Boss Tamil vote.Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  • You will see the nominated contestants Name.
  • Vote your favorite contestants out of 10.
    Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  • Sign in to your email id or facebook account to complete Bigg Boss Tamil Vote procedure.
  • Remember you can vote once from one email id.

  • Submit your vote.
    Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  • In this manner, your voting for Bigg Boss Tamil nominated contestants will be done.Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Vote Count

The Vote count will tell the result of the voting. So here we will update the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote count every week. The topper contestant and the weakest one who got less vote count and get eliminated. Till now only show’s teaser has been launched. As soon as new updates will be made to the show, we will update it here.

This is the latest Tweet done by Vijay Television about the grand opening. On this day the contestants will enter the show one by one. And only after that elimination, nomination, voting process will start. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Count will tell you the least scorer of the week and the highest one also. So stay updated with

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Contestants Voting – Missed Call Numbers

There are 16 contestants who entered to Bigg Boss Season 2 Grand house. Here are the Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 contestants and their voting details. Following are the missed call voting numbers of the contestants.

Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD
Bigg Boss Tamil VoteTBD

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Eliminated Contestants

In Bigg Boss Tamil the elimination process has been started. Here is the list of Eliminated contestants.

  • Mamathi chari
  • Ananth Vaidyanathan
  • Nithya
  • Ramya NSK
  • Shariq Hassan
  • Poonambalam
  • Vaishnavi
  • Mahat
  • Daniel
  • Sendrayan
  • Mumtaz

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 FAQ’s

1 பிக் பாஸ் தமிழ் ஸ்டார் விஜய் சேனலில் எப்போது தொடங்குவது?

ஜூன் 2018

2 பிக் பாஸ் தமிழ் நடிகர் யார் 2- கமல் ஹாசன் அல்லது சூர்யா?


3 பிக் பாஸ் தமிழ் மொழியில் எத்தனை போட்டியாளர்கள் கலந்துகொள்வார்கள்?

15 வேட்பாளர்கள் மற்றும் 4 காட்டு அட்டை போட்டியாளர்கள்

4 பிக் பாஸ் தமிழ் மொழியில் எப்படி வாக்களிக்க முடியும்?

வாக்கு ஆன்லைன் இருக்கும்

5 பிக் பாஸ் தமிழ் தொலைக்காட்சியின் நேரம் என்ன?

8:30 PM Mon to Fri And 9:30 PM on Sat-Sun.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Elimination

In every week of Bigg Boss Tamil there happens elimination. The eviction of the contestant is totally based upon the number of votes they get. If a contestant gets the lowest number of votes he/she gets eliminated from the show that week. So it becomes very important for them to gain the maximum number of votes to be safe from elimination. This show is one of the biggest shows in Tamil television. And last year first season was watched by lacs of people. This time Kamal Hasan will not host the show. As soon as show will start Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination 2018 updates and Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online details will be updated here. 

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