Bigg Boss Malayalam Show Details

Bigg Boss Malayalam Show Details
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After Launching a successful version of Bigg Boss as BB Marathi, Endemol is launching Bigg Boss Malayalam. This is going to be the First season of Bigg Boss Malayalam. So Let’s have a sort of discussion over Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote – online/offline Voting or Voting Polls, Contestants, Host, How you may vote, Winner of the season.

The Nominated contestants for Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting for this week are:

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote


Out of these two contestants, one will get evicted from the show this week. Therefore if you want to save any put your votes for her. It is sure that either one of them will be out from the Bigg Boss Malayalam House. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Online

Endemol India has already Launched so many versions of Bigg Boss. All the versions are specimen to Big Brother Netherland. Although, the rules and regulations are different in India for eviction. This is going to be the first season of Bigg Boss Malayalam. The show will have 16 celebrities. And al the celebrities will be kept in the house for 100 days. So here are the online voting polls.

Disclaimer: These are unofficial polls and are created just for entertainment. To vote officially read the complete article and follow the required steps.

Talking about other Bigg Boss versions, following are the details:

Bigg Boss Hindi12Salman Khan (main)
Shilpa Shetty
Amitabhi Bachachan
Arshad Warsi
Sanjay Dutt
Farah khan
Bigg Boss Kannada 6Kichha Sudeep
Bigg Boss Tamil2Kamal Hassan
Bigg Boss Telugu2Jr. NTR
Bigg Boss Marathi1Mahesh Manjhrekar
Bigg Boss Bangla2Mithun
Bigg Boss Malayalam1Mohanlal

And now its turn for Bigg Boss Malayalam. Contestants are going to enter the house on 24th June 2018. The host of the season will do the honor.


Latest: Hima Shankar is re-evicted from Bigg Boss Malayalm. 



Bigg Boss Malayalam Host

The first season of Bigg Boss Malayalam will be hosted by Mohanlal. According to sources, the team has also approached Mammootty and Suresh Gopi in order to host the BB Malayalam. But at the end, Mohanlal has been finalized as the host of the Bigg Boss Malayalam. He will come at the weekends and will do the honor of eviction on the basis of Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote like every other Bigg Boss Hosts.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

Know more about Bigg Boss Host Mohanlal Vishwanathan

Bigg Boss Malayalam Premiere / Start Date

Bigg boss Malayalam version has been finalized. Already the team of the show is making up the sets at Kochi or Chennai. Soon from the date of Launch, the shooting will get started. The starting date of Bigg Boss Malayalam has been finalized to 24th June 2018. It will be telecasted on Asianet channel. So Bigg Boss Malayalam Premiere will be on 24th June 2018. On the day of Premiere, the host Mohanlal will welcome the 15 celebrity contestants. Who will stay in the house for 100 days. During these 100 days, they have to survive in the house by facing all the difficulties inside. So after the premiere of Bigg boss Malayalam, we will update the images of the day.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants List 2018

On the day of Grand Premiere, the Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants will enter the house. There will be 15 contestants excluding wild card contestants. These contestants will be celebrities. They will enter the show and as soon as they enter the BB house we will update the details, name, complete list of those Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants. Final contestants are:

Shwetha MenonBigg Boss Malayalam VoteTBD
Deepan MuraliBigg Boss Malayalam VoteTBD
Sreelakshmi Jagathy SreekumarBigg Boss Malayalam VoteTBD
SrineeshBigg Boss Malayalam Vote8367797212
Hima shankarBigg Boss Malayalam Vote8367797207
Aristo SureshBigg Boss Malayalam Vote8367797211
Diya SanaBigg Boss Malayalam Vote8367797208
Anoop ChandranBigg Boss Malayalam VoteTBD
Aditi RaiBigg Boss Malayalam Vote8367797205
Basheer BashiBigg Boss Malayalam VoteTBD
Manoj VarmaTBD
PearleBigg Boss Malayalam VoteTBD
David John8367797216
Tharikida SabuTBD
Archana SuseelanBigg Boss Malayalam VoteTBD
Rajini HaridasBigg Boss Malayalam VoteTBD

Although, the final list is yet to come. Stay connected to check out the final and original list of Contestants in Malayalam Bigg Boss season 1. After the enterance of these contestants, they have to stay seperately. The local Bigg Boss Versions have added to their show that the contestants should live in seperate cabin. Females in one and males in another.

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Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

Although, there is no such information about how you may Vote in Bigg Boss Malayalam. But in other versions of the Bigg Boss, there is public voting. and on the basis of the public voting eviction happens. Contestant got eliminated on the basis of the vote. But it is difficult to say whether there will be offline voting or online voting in the Malayalam version. If there will be offline voting then it can be done in 2 waysBigg Boss Malayalam Vote

  • Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote By SMS – Another offline way of voting is by SMS. SMS voting is done by sending SMS to a number by mentioning a particular code of a particular contestant. If Exists, we will update the details about Bigg Boss Malayalam SMS Voting.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting /Online Polls

Another well-known way, a show can use is Online voting.  If Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting is taken into consideration then it can be done by following these steps:

  • Go to Google.
  • Type for Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting or Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote.
  • After entering this keyword you will see the nominated contestants list.Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote
  • You may choose any of the contestants to vote him/her online.
  • Give your vote by signing in to Gmail account or facebook account.
  • So at last to complete the procedure, click on Submit button.
    Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote
  • Hence Bigg Boss Malayalam online voting procedure has been completed.

As soon as the show gears up we will mention some voting polls here, which will include nominated contestant name. You can vote them and can get an estimation of the result. But all those voting polls are unofficial. For official Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote, follow the procedure mentioned above.

Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote Online

So we found that the voting process is completely online for Asianet Bigg Boss. And the above-mentioned process is a way of voting online. This process will be continued till the finale of the show. The online vote is the one and only way of saving your favorite contestant from elimination. vote for this week nominated contestants. And we will soon update the eliminated contestant of this week.

So vote now to save deserving and favorite one.

Bigg Boss Malayalam SMS Voting

Now apart from Online voting, Bigg Boss Malayalam has introduced another method of voting. Which is Offline voting? Now you can vote your favorite contestant offline also. In order to vote offline, you have to use the SMS method. 

You have to send a code to a particular number and vote for your favorite contestant.

  • You have to type this format.
  • BB<space> Contestant Name and then send it to 57827.
  • Remember you will get 10 votes per day.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Nominated /Eliminated Contestant

After the show will gear up then the contestants have to nominated among themselves to eliminate them from Bigg boss house. On every Monday there will be the nomination process and on every Sunday there will be the elimination process. We will keep updating here nominated and eliminated contestants name every week.

  • The first week eliminated contestant was David John.
  • There was no eviction in the Second Week.
  • Hima Shankar the socialist got eliminated on 15th July 208 Episode.
  • Next, there was an elimination of Sreelakshmi sreekumar.
  • Deepan Murali
  • Swetha Menon
  • After Shweta Menon, Diya Sana was the one who got evicted from the show.
  • Anjali Ameer gets evicted from Bigg Boss Malayalam last week.
  • This week there was no elimination.
  • Ranjini Haridas was the next who got eliminated in 2 weeks elimination process.
  • Anoop Chandran was eliminated.
  • Hima Shankar who reentered the show has again evicted by a twist.
  • After Hima, it was Basheer who gets eliminated.
  • Basheer Get evicted on 23rd September 2018.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Winner 2018

After 100 days there will be the grand finale of Bigg Boss Malayalam. The finale will be the day on which Bigg Boss Malayalam Winner 2018 will be announced. The host- Mohanlal himself will announce the winner name and present him/her with the trophy and winning prize amount. After 100 days we will update here the name of the winner 2018 of Bigg boss Malayalam. In order to have the winner, the show has to go through 14 eliminations. And at last, there will be one winner. We will keep updating here the name of the eliminated contestants. So stay here for those evicted contestants list, Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote, and winner name.

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