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Hi everyone, here we are again with the latest information of Indian television most controversial reality show Bigg Boss 12. The show is going to start on 14th of October 2018. BB 12 all preparations have been completed. All contestants celebrities & Commoners for BB 12 has been finalized. Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls has been set on Voot. So, Bigg Boss audience, get ready to participate in Bigg Boss 12 Voot Voting. As the last season, Bigg Boss 12 voting will occur in an online way. Voting will available from Voot, colors TV official website. So, check how to vote for BB 12 Contestants.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting

The audience, as you all know, every week some of the contestants evicted by the housemates. Contestants who come in the Elimination round, voting lines open for them only. The one contestant, who will get the least number of votes will eliminate from the show. Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls will open after 1 week of Bigg Boss 12 Starting. Thereafter viewers will vote for evicted contestants. BB 12 Voting way is online at VOOT app and from Bigg Boss 12 Voot voting will start on 21 October 2018. Also, Salman Khan will tell the more info of BB 12 Voting. From below check the BB 12 Live Voting Procedure.
Bigg Boss 12 voting

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls

Voting polls play a major role in prediction. It had seemed that while voting for a contestant in any show, a person looks for online voting polls once. And here we are presenting you with the Bigg Boss 12 online voting polls. These votings polls are just for entertainment purpose. Here you may check contestants voting per week. But till then you may here vote for the following voting polls

 Participate in these Online voting polls for Bigg boss 12 and have fun. These polls are unofficial and are for entertainment. You can check about the contender who is mostly loved by the viewers. Because who is most liked, will get maximum vote online.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting

Bigg Boss 12 Nomination/ Nominated Contestants

After entering Bigg Boss house there will be the nomination process that will be held every week. The nomination is a way to elimination. The first step toward winning the show is nomination of contesants for eviction. The contesants have to choose some contestants. These will be those contestants to whom public will cast their vote.

Nominated Contestats list will soon be updated here.

  • Nomination Process: Every Monday
  • Second Step: Voting
  • Voting Lines Open: Till Thursday midnight
  • Declaration of Evicted contestants: Weekend Ka Vaar


Bigg Boss 12 Vote Online – VOOT

 Check the Bigg Boss 12 Vote Online details. To vote online for Bigg Boss 12 contestants,
  • If you don’t have Voot app on your smartphone, then firstly install VOOT app.
  • Thereafter, there go to the Bigg Boss 12.
  • Their click on the participant-image. Thereafter click on Vote Now.
  • After this, your vote will submit to participant’ voting account.
  • The audience you can also give more than one vote to one contestant.
  • In Bigg Boss 12 Voting, there is no limitation to give the votes.

Also through the official website at, you can vote. Bigg boss 12 Voot Voting is open for two online ways. Through official website, a person can give the vote from their smartphone, and laptop also. To give Bigg Boss 12 Vote Online through website,

Bigg Boss 12 voting

  • Open
  • Then open there Bigg Boss 12.
  • Thereafter, their login through Facebook or Google account.
  • After login, submit your vote by clicking on ‘Vote Now‘.

Bigg Boss 12 Live Voting [Live Polls]

The audience, in Bigg Boss 11, there was once in the show, live voting occurred. Also, in BB 12 live voting will occur. And happen that it may occur more than one time. Where Audience will vote live for contestants. And the result of live voting will show on the screen. Bigg Boss will conduct the live Polls, to know about the audience choice.

Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale

Anyway, live voting will occur from VOOT app, There firstly audience, you have to log in to the live Polls page through Facebook. And thereafter you will have to check in to Vote. This way Bigg Boss 12 Live Voting will complete.

The audience, till now online or live voting is available. There is no any other offline process to vote for Bigg Boss contestants like SMS or Missed Call. But if it occurs in future, then those voting details will be introduced here.

Bigg Boss 12 Elimination/ Eliminated Contestant

Bigg Boss Viewers & Bigg Boss fans, you have the voting power. Your vote will decide that who will live in the show and who will eliminate. So, vote for the efficient candidate. Voting lines will open on 17th September 2018. Therefater, start to get the votes.

The Contestants themselves choose nominated contestants, but we the public will choose the candidate who should get eliminated from the bigg boss house. So vote wisely. 

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