Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale

Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale
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Bigg Boss season 12, like other seasons, has been already Becoming a sensation in Country. Undoubtedly, the show is at the top in the hit lists among many reality TV Shows. What is making it more interesting is the concept of “Jodi Vs Singles”. Presently we can’t say whether Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale will be in Jodi or singles. All we know that likewise every year it is going to be a part of the season. So get ready to see Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale tasks, winner and performances.

Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale

Every contestant has entered the house with a Hope of winning the show and take the trophy to home,  but the only one can seize that trophy and become the winner of the show. Well,  time along with the audience will decide that Who will stay in the bigg boss house and who will to their own house. And Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale is one of the deciding task. For staying in the house different games and tasks are being performed by housemates, and on the basis of their performance in the task,  evictions are made every week.

These polls are non-official polls for Ticket to finale. It is just for entertainment. You just have to choose one who do you think can win the ticket to finale this time.

Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale Winner

Well,  so many tasks are given to housemates to cling in the house.

One most important among all is a task for winning the Ticket to the finale”.

As this task is given in the almost end of the season,  Nealy in semifinal week,  when only 5 to 6 contestants remain in the house.

Every housemate becomes the claimant for the ticket to Finale and does their best to win the task.

The one or maybe two claimants who win this task get the direct entry to the finale of the show.  They are excluded from the evictions that are being made in between the days of that task and finale.

Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale


As it is the starting of the show and task to the ticket to Finale is given at the end weeks of the season,  so no one other than bigg boss knows,  what task he will give for this ticket.

Last year there was a mountain task in which all the contestants have to paddle to the mountain and at the end whose bag will get empty will get eliminated from the race of Ticket winning. Same will happen in Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale.

In Bigg boss season 11 & 10, the ticket to Finale was given on the basis of bigg boss live voting

. Where some of the contenders from the house were taken to some public place, like the mall, and by live voting, winner of this task and hence ticket to the finale was decided.


So we find that Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale is the way or key to finale. And if someone wins this key then they will surely perform in finale task. He/she will be one step nearer to be the winner of the show. This task will take place before 2 weeks of finale. So stay here for the result of Bigg Boss 12 Ticket to Finale.


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