Bigg Boss 12 Starting Date 2018

Bigg Boss 12 Starting Date 2018
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After the finale of Bigg Boss 11, now people are looking forward to its 12th season. Now Common people want to become the Bigg Boss 12 Commoner Contestant. Already thousands of people have filled the Bigg Boss 12 registration form and have sent their audition video. In which only 10 commoners selected for season 12. Now, People of India are waiting for Bigg Boss 12 Starting Date. They are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss 12 Premiere 2018. When will the premiere of Season 12 occur and when people will be able to watch the Commoner Contestants of Season 12 on Television. 

Already Bigg boss 12 premiere shoot has been done in Goa few days back. 

Bigg Boss 12 Starting Date 2018

Big Boss 12 online audition will start in June 2018. Season 12 online audition will run for 2 Months. Thereafter, Bigg boss cast will select some applicants. Then ground audition will occur of selected applicants. Thereafter Completion of Audition procedure will take 2 months. Thereafter Big Boss 12 will start on colors TV. The show will start in October month.  Thereafter people will see the Bigg boss 12 with a new theme and with new colors. And Salman Khan will host the Bigg Boss Season 12. So, you all get ready to see the Bigg boss next theme in season 12.

Bigg Boss 12 Premiere Date

Bigg Boss 12 Starting Date

Bigg Boss 12 Premiere is on 14 October 2018. There is a Sunday 14th of October 2018. On that day all contestants will be introduced by the Salman Khan. And then they all will enter in the Bigg Boss house. From Monday, Bigg Boss 12 will start on colors from 10:30 to 11:30. Bigg Boss 12 Premiere will start from 9 pm to 11 pm.

Bigg Boss 12 Grand Premiere

Guys, 16th September is the day and do not forget to watch the show on 16th September. Here are some special things about Bigg boss 12 premiere:

  • Salman Khan will perform on-“Jeene ke hain char din” song.
  • Bigg boss 12 house will be shown to audience.
  • Bigg Boss 12 contestants entry will be highlighted.

Dus Ka Dum Registration 2018

Big Boss Season 12 Starting Date ~ [All Seasons]

  1. Bigg Boss Season 1 Starting Date – 3 November 2006
  2. Bigg Boss Season 2 Starting Date – 17 August 2008
  3. Bigg Boss Season 3 Starting Date – 4 October 2009
  4. Bigg Boss Season 4 Starting Date – 3 October 2010
  5. Bigg Boss Season 5 Starting Date – 2 October 2011
  6. Bigg Boss Season 6 Starting Date – 7 October 2012
  7. Bigg Boss Season 7 Starting Date – 15 September 2013
  8. Bigg Boss Season 8 Starting Date – 21 September 2014
  9. Bigg Boss Season 9 Starting Date – 11 October 2015
  10. Bigg Boss Season 10 Starting Date – 16 October 2016
  11. Bigg Boss Season 11 Starting Date – 1 October 2017
  12. Bigg Boss Season 12 Starting Date – 16 September 2018

So, the audience this is the info about Bigg boss season 12. Now we have these details about big boss 12. Also, we have shared the details about Bigg Boss 12 starting date, premiere date, Big Boss 12 audition date here. But if in future, any change occurs in the show dates. Then we will update the changes here.  Till then keep reading this article. And for more updates click here [maxbutton id=”6″ ]



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