Bigg Boss 12 Live Feed

Bigg Boss 12 Live Feed
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Bigg Boss 12 Live Feed/ Streaming

Live feed is a post of anything of interest on to an information platform on any of the social networking sites. People regularly visit live feed or information platforms because there, they are regularly being updated with every facts and news of what they like. And in case of shows Live feed not just inform about what everyone knows but also a little more than the precap that is hinted in the regular media. So here we are with the information regarding the live feed for Bigg Boss 12. Bigg Boss 12 Live Feed will keep you updated of the show and all the information that you need to know.

Latest Feed: 

  • At 9:10 PM on 16th September: Karanvir Bohra performed on ‘Tera Dhyan Kidhar Hai , tera hero idhar hai song’. He entered as a single contestant. 


  • At 9:15 PM: Shivashish Mishra & Sourabh Patel Entered as a Jodi with their introduction video. 
  • At 9:28 PM: Karanvir Bohra went inside the home and roaming there. 


  • At 9:41 PM: Dipika Kakar takes entry in the BB house. 


  • At 9:44 PM: Romil Choudhary & Nirmal Singh’s introduction video was shown. They did “Hud hudd dabang” step with Salman Khan. Romil Choudhary asks Salman Khan about his marriage question by standing him in the witness box. 


  • At 9:50 PM: Neha Pendse came on stage and performed on ‘Dil ki’ song. Then Salman and Neha Pendse acted like padosis. 


  • At 10:01 PM: Neha Pendse, Nirmal Singh and Romil Choudhary entered together in the house. 


So here you can have the Bigg Boss 12 Live Feed as the show will begin and all the other related details like

Bigg Boss 12 Live Feed

Bigg Boss 12 Live Launch in Goa

If we are talking about live Feed here are some updates of Live Launch of Bigg Boss 12 From Goa.

  • Since 1:00 PM the Launch event has started. RJ Archana and RJ Salil Acharya were performing.
  • They divided the reporters in Vichitr Jodi’s – which is the theme of the show.
  • Soon there will be a press conference of Bigg Boss 12 along with makers and Salman Khan.
  • Salman Khan will perform on the stage soon on his hits.
  • Salman Khan arrived at Venue on Yacht.
  • And here we go he started to perform on Jeene Ke Hai chaar Din.
  • And then he performed on Jumme Ki Raat Hai.
  • Salman Khan talks to the audience about his marriage to Bigg boss and about Vichitra Jodi’s.

Bigg Boss 12 Daily Gossips

Here you will find out the daily gossips in Bigg Boss 12. Bigg boss is full of entertainment. So hee we definitely will provide you Daily gossips and entertainment. Daily Bigg Boss 12 Live feed updates will be written here.

Bigg Boss 12 Today Episode Watch Online

You may watch the episode online by various means. The Bigg Boss 12 show will be telecasted on colors Channel. You can watch everyday episodes live as well as after being telecasted. Following are the ways:

  • If you want to watch the show live, to which we refer as Bigg Boss 12 Live Feed, you can watch the show using Jio Tv App or on the channel. If it is difficult to watch on TV then you may prefer Jio Tv app. Anyone can use the app and can have Live updates of Bigg Boss 12. Jio has made it easy for the viewers to watch shows anytime according to your preferred time.
  • Another way to watch the show is using an app connected to Colors Tv i.e. Voot. Following are the ways by which you can have the Live feed of BB12 on voot.

Bigg Boss 12 Voot

In order to watch your shows on Voot, you have to follow these steps.

  • You should have Voot app installed on your smartphone or you should open if you are using PC.
  • Then you need to register yourself.
  • After Registering you can search for the Bigg Boss 12.
  • Now you can enjoy any of the Episode of Bigg Boss 12 or previous seasons of Bigg Boss.

Now voot has some other Bigg Boss versions also. So now you can also watch Bigg Boss Marathi as well as Bigg Boss Kannada on voot. As these shows are linked to Colors TV chain.


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