Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Salary

Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Salary
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We are here talking about Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Salary: Hi, guys. You must be wondering that, what facilities and income do the contestants of Bigg Boss get. Because it is difficult to stay in that house without getting any facility. So here we will tell you about Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Salary.

Bigg Boss is one of the most hyped reality TV shows. It has a good fan base and therefore has good TRP. Bigg Boss is a show wherein people cut themselves from the rest of the world and live in a house together. In Bigg Boss house they need to survive maintaining good relations and performing tasks that are assigned. Earlier only celebrities could go to the Bigg Boss house, but in the recent few seasons, the entries for common people also started.

Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Payment

But there is one thing that everyone wants to know about the show. That is what do the contestants of Bigg Boss gets. So here we are today to discuss what salary do Bigg Boss contestants get. The main aim of Bigg Boss is to get those contestants in the show who are most into controversies or news. So same is for payment, highly paid contestants are those who create the most hype. The huge amount is paid to the most controversial celebrities.

Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Salary

So here is the entire list of how much the contestants of Bigg Boss get as salary.

Sreesanth: INR 5,00,000

Dipika Kakar: INR 15,00,000

Neha Pendse: INR 20,00,000

Karanvir Bohra: INR 20,00,000

Anup Jalota: INR 45,00,000

Roshmi Banik: INR 35,00,000

Kriti Verma: INR 45,000

Srishty Rode: INR 37,000

Jasleen Matharu: INR 90,000

Romil Chaudhary: INR 40,000

Nirmal Singh: INR 50,000

Sourabh Patel and Shivashish Mishra: INR 1.7 lakhs

Somi and Saba khan: INR 30,000

Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Bani: INR 1,00,000


Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Salary

BB12 Contestants Per Week Salary

These are the weekly salary of the contestants of Bigg Boss, of which some are celebrities and others are commoners.

Dipika Kakar an actress of Sasural Simar Ka is getting almost the double of what Hina Khan use to get in BB11. Dipika gets INR 15 lakhs per week.

Neha Pendse, May I Come in Madam actress gets INR 20 lakhs per week.

Karanvir Bohra, Naagin 2 actor is charging same as Neha, that is 20 lakhs per week.

Jalota is one of the few highest paid celebrity in Big Boss. He is also known as Bhajan Samrat. His popularity and huge connection with the public is one of the reasons he gets a good salary at Big Boss house. Also, it is expected that he may leave the show in coming weeks as he has his concerts scheduled by the end of this month..

Salman Khan the host of this show is in news for charging good package ever since he is with the show. And in this season he is charging about INR 12- 14 crores per episode. That is he will get around INR 300- 350 crores by the end of the show.

So, guys, this was the Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Salary details. In this article, you get to know the per week salary of common man contestants to a celebrity contestant as well as the host of the show i.e Salman Khan. For more details about salaries of contestants stay alert to buzz.

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