Bigg Boss 11 Ticket To Finale Winner ~ Check Finalists Name

Bigg Boss 11 Ticket To Finale Winner ~ Check Finalists Name
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So, Viewers, Bigg Boss 12 is just a step away from its finale. Now 6 contestants have made their position in semi finale. After the live Voting Polls which was occurred on 23 December, one contestant gets the direct entry in semi-finale by live voting. Luv Tyagi, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Priyank are reached in Semi-Finale. Now from here, check who won the Bigg Boss 11 ‘Ticket To Finale’. Thereafter one more task will occur, in which winning candidate will get the ‘finale ticket’. This task will occur between 6 final contestants. So check the name of Bigg Boss 11 Ticket To Finale Winner, also check the name of Bigg Boss 11 Finalists and Bigg Boss 11 Winner.

Bigg Boss 11 Ticket To Finale Winner

Bigg Boss 11 Ticket To Finale Winner

Within one month, Bigg boss has gained so much popularity. And also came on the top TRP List. Now people are liking this show. And everyone wants to know that who will go in the Bigg Boss 11 Finale. So, Viewers, keep reading this article to check the finalists’ name. For ‘ticket to finale’ task contestants will divide into the two teams. And these 6 contestants will perform in teams, but individually. Out of winning team, whose performance will best in the whole task, will get the Ticket to Finale.

Ticket To Finale Task – Mountain Climb

In this task, all of the housemates have to climb a mountain created by Bigg Boss. They have to keep paddling with a baggage behind each of them. When the buzzer ring up then they have to vacant the baggage of that person whon they donot want to win the task. In this task we saw that, Akash Dadlani has lost the task in the begining. After that all of the contestants except Puneesh and Luv lost the task. In this way the Ticket To Finale Task winners are

  • Luv Tyagi
  • Puneesh Sharma

And now the competition for the Ticket to Finale will be done in betweenPuneesh and Luv. And this will be done this weekend itself. Most probably Bigg Boss 11 Ticket To Finale Winner is Luv Tyagi. Final result will be updated here soon.



Bigg Boss 11 Live Voting [23 December] for Semi Finale

This time in a new way, Bigg Boss semi-finalist has decided. Not by any task, but by the live voting. On 23rd of December 2017, in the weekend, Arshi got eliminated. He had the power to give the chance to 2 people from housemates to go into semi-finale. She has selected Vikas Gupta & Priyank. After this, from these two have given the chance to appeal votes for the audience. So live voting held on 23 December.

Viewers have given a chance to vote live for their favorite contestant. And Bigg Boss 11 Live Voting result have shown on the screen. In which Vikas Gupta has got more votes than Priyank. He got 71% votes and Priyank got 67% Votes. With the India public, Bigg boss Contestants have seen the Live Voting Results. In Bigg Boss 11 live voting, Vikas Gupta has got the highest votes and reached to semi Finale. In addition, Hina Khan is in Semi finale because this week he is caption she is safe from elimination

So, now this is the time to get to the know the ‘Bigg Boss 11 Ticket to finale winner’ And Bigg Boss 11 Winner name. Check the details here for BB 11 Winner.

Bigg Boss 12 Starting Date

Bigg Boss 11 Winner [Final – 14 January 2018]

BB 11 finale will occur on 14 January 2018. Where total 5 contestants will go in the finale. And voting for finalists will start from Saturday morning. Where out of top 4, some amount of money will be offered to the contestants. Which who will be agreed to receive the money will be out of the Bigg Boss 11 Winner race. 5 Contestants who have reached in the finale are,

Bigg Boss 11 top 5 Finalists

  1. Hina Khan
  2. Shilpa Shinde
  3. Luv Tyagi
  4. Priyak Sharma
  5. Vikas Gupta

These 5 will reach the Finale.

Bigg Boss 11 Top 3 Finalists

  1. Hina Khan
  2. Luv Tyagi
  3. Shilpa Shinde

These three are the finalists of Bigg Boss 11. This time, the competition is very strong.

HINA KHAN – BB11 1st Finalist

Because Hina Khan is a very popular face of Television Industry and known by her role Akshara from ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. She is famous not only India but many other countries people love her. And they are supporting her very well in the Bigg Boss House.

SHILPA SHINDE – BB11 2nd Finalist

And where Shilpa has made their place in every home by her Bhabhi Ji role (Bhabhi Ji Ghar par hai). she has made a place in the hearts of people and after coming to Bigg Boss he has entertained the audience and increased her fan list more.

LUV TYAGI – BB11 3rd Finalist

Also Luv Tyagi, who has entered as a commoner in the House. Also faced the criticism from Salman Khan & Housemates. Everyone in the house has under-estimate Luv. But by his sincere nature, he has loved by the audience. Due to which, now Luv has a huge fan following. In the voting results so far, he has given tough competition to the other contestants. Also he is the Bigg Boss 11 Ticket To Finale Winner.

So, this time the competition is very tough. From upcoming voting result. The upcoming Voting result will know that who will ‘Bigg Boss 11 Ticket To Finale Winner‘ and also Bigg Boss 11 Winner. Bigg boss 11 Ticket to finale task is going to be very difficult & Interesting. So, Audience, stay tuned to us to check the Bigg Boss 11 latest updates.

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