Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money ~ Check Prize Amount

Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money ~ Check Prize Amount
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Hi everyone, Today we are going to tell you about the prize money of Bigg Boss 11. When Bigg Boss 1st season was started, then Bigg Boss prize money was 1 crore Rupees. But after some seasons prize Money has reduced. When Bigg Boss 11 started then Prize Money was 50 Lakh.Bigg Boss 11 winner got the 50 lakh rupees. But in Present Bigg Boss Prize Money is 0. Yes, this time Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money is zero. And contestants are responsible for zero prize money.

But Prize money will not be zero. One more chance will be given to the Housemates to increase the BB 11 Prize Money. From below check how will Bigg boss Prize money will increase.

And what will be the final Prize Money of Bigg Boss 11?

Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money

Bigg Boss 11 Winning Prize Money [Till Now – Zero]

For Bigg Boss 11 winner, 50 lakhs decided by the show makers as a Prize Money. But now the prize Money of BB 11 is zero. A few weeks ago, a ‘Rocket’ task occurred in the Bigg Boss House. In which all the contestants were the ‘Astronauts’. In this task, anyone contestant had to get out of the rocket after ringing the buzzer. But the Contestants had broken the rule by getting out of the rocket and then again entered into the rocket in the absence of Moderator. Bigg Boss Jumped the Prize money from 50 lakhs to zero on breaking the Task rules. So due to this season, Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money is zero.

But one more chance will be given by the big boss to increase the prize money.

Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money [Confirmed]

As one more chance, a task will be given to the Bigg Boss 11 contestants. In which they can increase the amount of Prize money from zero. To increase the amount they have to sacrifice their most valuable thing. It can be any good and also can be related to their family. If the Contestants agree to sacrifice, then the amount of prize money will increase according to individual sacrifice. Each contestant has some monetary value. if the contestant sacrifice, then their monetary value will add to the prize amount.

In this season, Prize money can be up to 25 Lakhs. Yet prize money is not confirmed, that how much it will. But soon the confirmed Bigg Boss 1 Prize Money amount will be mentioned here. So, stay tuned here to check the BB 11 Prize Money.

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Bigg Boss Prize Money [All Seasons]

  1. BB Prize Money Season 1  –      1 Crore
  2. Season 2 Prize Money        –       1 Crore
  3. Prize Money 3 Season        –       1Crore
  4. 4th Season Prize Money    –       1 Crore
  5. BB 5 Prize Money                –       1 Crore
  6. Bigg Boss 6 Prize Money    –       1 Crore
  7. Bigg Boss 7 Prize Money    –        50 lakh
  8. Season 8 Prize Money        –         50 Lakh
  9. BB season 9 Prize Money  –         30 Lakh
  10. BB 10 Prize Money              –        20 Lakh
  11. Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money  –        0 (Now)

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